Shoe designer in the Truest Sense of the Word

“From when I was a young boy I spent much time in my father’s cobbler shop. I put together little shoes in his studio. This is how my interest for shoes came into being and resulted in learning the profession of shoemaker. I studied for artisan shoemaker and shoe designer/modeler at the Koning Willem I College in ‘s Hertogenbosch. After that I undertook studies in orthopedic shoetechnique at the SVGB in Nieuwegein and the Bachelor orthopedic technology at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven.”

The Best of Both Worlds

“My passion and interests lie in designing shoes. Thanks to a scholarship from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, a foundation that supports artistic excellence and educational initiatives, my dream to study at the famous Ars Sutoria School in Milan came true. With the training Modellista-Stilista in Calzature I had the opportunity to further develop my talent for ShoeDesign.

As a shoe designer I create shoes driven by passion for beautiful shoes and respect for the art of shoemaking. I draw inspiration from all kinds of places and objects. Particularly the interaction between lines, shapes, colors and materials play an important role.

As a result of my background as orthopedic shoetechnician I have a lot of knowledge of the anatomy of the foot, lasts, patterns, uppers and bottoming. The combination of my creativity and my background make my shoedesigns not only beautiful and detailed, but also technically feasible.”

Freelance Shoe Designer

“As a freelance shoe designer I work for the shoe industry. It is my ambition to realise your wishes in good consultation, utilizing my knowledge and skills to your benefit. The work will be executed professionally. It goes without saying that I take great effort to produce an endproduct that is satisfying to both the client and myself.”